• 2/12/2013 join in

    Making History

    Still going strong after 35 years! The Sharon's Showcase. Featuring some of Atlanta's up and coming stars. We've been doing this for over 35 years. Some of todays biggest STARS have walked the stages of Sharon's Showcase.

  • Today's Biggest Names

    Showcased Here

    Many of today's best artist have performed at Shyran Showcase, like R&B Artist 112,Jagged Edge, Silk, Jermaine Dupri, TLC's (Chilli) and so many more. Coming soon is the Shyran's Showcase Remix television show. Check here for details soon.

  • 14/02/2013 big events

    food, drinks & fun

    Shyran's Showcase is always kicking up a little something something at O'riley's Bar and Grill, where you will always find Good Food, Good Friends and Good Times! Located at 3875 Covington Highway Decatur GA 30020

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Shyran's Showcase

After more than 35 years handling our business, we welcome your thoughts and positive constructive opinions. Please tell us what you think about our services and others entertainment. We welcome any and all suggestions.

Shyran's Showcase @ O'Riley's
3875 Covington Highway Decatur
Decatur, Georgia 30020
(404) 925 8782

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